Review and Download Structural Design Enginerring Application for FREE

Review and Download Structural Design Engineering Application for FREE

Structural Design Engineering application is completely free and useful application of structure engineering learning.

Basically this app is handbook, easy to use , works offline Structural Design Apps.

This app covers all important topic. Its like a book for students, a co worker guide for engineers.

The objective of the App is to bring faster learning and quick revision of the topics.

Some topic covered by this application are :
Reinforced concrete : as a composite material, has occupied a special place in the modern
construction of different types of structures due to its several advantages.

Concrete :Concrete is a product obtained artificially by hardening of the mixture of cement, sand, gravel
and water in predetermined proportions.

Depending on the quality and proportions
reinforcing steel
Ultimate load method (ULM)
One-way and Two-way Slabs
Doubly Reinforced Beam
T−beams and L−beams
Limiting Moment of Resistance

and much more….

Structural Design Engineering Application

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