Review and Download Concrete calculator for Cement Sand Gravel Water

The application (available in english and russian) calculates the exact proportions, volume and weight of cement, water, sand and gravel for making concrete with desired characteristics *:

– compressive firmness – classes B7,5..B30 or mark M100..M400
– Mobility (density) of the concrete mix – P1..P5
– Frost-resistance – F50..F1000
– Watertightness – W2..W20
* classes and marks are given in accordance with russian standards

Proportions can be calculated for the concrete on the basis of:
– Gravel and sand
– Only sand
– Ready mix of sand and gravel (S/G mix)

The calculation considers the possibility of using waterreduction additives.

You can send calculation results to your email.

While using the app you will be asked to specify the characteristics of cement, sand and gravel. The basic values (cement mark, empty space between grains of gravel and sand) are necessary to specify – otherwise the calculation accuracy will not be high. But you can leave the default values for other features. The help is offered to specify each feature, which says how to find out or calculate the required value.

Download Concrete calculator

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