Review AutoPlotter with Road Estimator 6 – Download AutoPlotter with Road Estimator 6

Whether you want to get your topographical map with contours and 3D terrain model, or you are looking for sections, or cadastral maps, AutoPlotter Road Estimator system can do it all for you in a way which you will always appreciate, the easy way.

AutoPlotter Road Estimator system will ease up the process of section creation quantity calculations as well.

Supports file formats generated from different type of total stations (Pentax, Trimble, Sokkia, Topcon, Nikon, Leica). Supports ASCII, DXF, DWG format.

Road Estimator Download

Volume for roads is complemented with calculation report. Unlimited template for multilane, service roads etc.

Design of vertical profile with target level calculationSymbol creation such as crash barrier, tree, fence etc. Creation order of road is maintained with auto-detection of existing side slopes Interpolation of camber…

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