Review and Download QuickBid – Powerful Construction Estimating Software

Quick Bid is a powerful bid building software, which empowers construction estimators to bid jobs in a fraction of the time and much more accurately than with manual methods.

Spreadsheets alone are not professional bids
Quick Bid sharpens the accuracy of your bids and enables you to compete for more jobs. Manual estimates with notes, and marked up drawings are obsolete.

Better Construction Bid Management
Quickly manage your bid in Quick Bid with the Bid Navigator. Each bid has tabs that allow you to view your conditions, equipment, labor, markups, and materials.

Features of QuickBid Software:-

  • eQuotes
  • Integrates with On-Screen Takeoff & Accounting Programs
  • Powerful & Accurate Calculations
  • Manufacturer Material Databases
  • Professional Reports & Proposals
  • Trade Databases & Style Libraries

QuickBid Construction Estimating Software

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