FINALCAD for General Contractors and Subcontractors, Architects, Owners

FINALCAD for general contractors and subcontractors, architects, owners

FINALCAD provides mobile construction software and predictive analytics helping construction stakeholders anticipate and fix issues found during the buildings journey. Our mission: increase quality, reduce its cost and make it accessible to all. Since 2011, FINALCAD has helped more than 8000 projects in 30 countries, and keeps on advancing the digital transition of the construction industry.

Features of FINALCAD:

Project Creation
Upload your plans (images, PDF, Dropbox, FINALBOX, email)
Record and report observations
Complete an observation with a comment, a photo, a date, an annotation
Create your work package, organization and observations types
Filter by organization, status, date and author
Automatic reports by email, PDF or Excel

Finalcad for construction

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