eTakeoff – Takeoff Software for Construction Estimating

True Database Structure – Some systems have no actual underlying database. They store all measurements in a series of small files spread throughout the project folders.

Database Security – Without database security, any estimator can modify your Standard Library of Measurement types, Scales, Bid Codes, Layers, WBS codes, etc.

No Need To Convert PDF Files – Many older systems require you to convert PDF files into their system’s native TIF file format before you can begin any work in the project.

True Multi-User Technology – eTakeoff supports full multi-user concurrent use across a network.

Concurrent License Management – The optional License Manager will automatically manage your software licenses in any location world-wide that has internet access.

Client/Server Technology – Many estimators doing simultaneous takeoff across a network can often result in latency issues because of the large amount of graphic data being transferred.

Unique Features To Save You Time. All electronic takeoff systems do measurements.

Assembly Capabilities – Generate additional quantities using user-defined extensions with your own formulas, variables and if/then logic.

And many more…

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