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Civil Engineering app consists various important topics,which is useful for every civil engineers.

This Engineering Learning App will sure concrete your basics of Civil Engineering.
The Objective of the App is to bring faster learning and quick revisions of the subject. This is great help in exams and Interviews.This App defines all the technical terms from elementary to professional level. The definitions are technical, detailed and explained according to Civil Engineering field.It’s not an ordinary App , it contains History of Civil Engineering and many evolution as a Timeline feature.App is well designed with color full headings and texts which makes this App more interesting for users to read and understand.
>>Topics Covered:-
-What Is Civil Engineering.
-Civil Engineering Disciplines.
-Civil Engineering History.
-Low Cost Housing.
-Type Of Stones.
-Properties Of Stones.
-Requirements Of Good Building Stones.
-Tests On Stones.
-Uses Of Stones.
-Common Building Stones.

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