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“Civil Engineering Hand book” has been complied primarily for the “Practical man” it should prove a most & should prove a most useful work of reference to the young Civil engineers of various public works departments.

The Civil Engineering object of this volume is to give a fairly complete but concise account of the various subjects to serve as a ready reference for everyday-work problems in Civil Engineering Department which constantly con-front the Civil Engineers.

The Civil Engineering Hand book covers systems of design, community, regional planning, the latest design methods for buildings, airports, highways, tunnels, bridges. It includes sections on construction equipment, construction management, materials, specifications, structural theory, geotechnical engineering, wood, concrete, steel design construction

In this Civil Engineer Hand Book Fully Consist of Under below Topics are 
– Weight and Measure
– Mathematics
– Applied Mechanics & Bending Moments In Beam
– Properties of Structural Steel Sections & Design Tables (Indian Standards) IS CODE
– Properties & Uses of Metals
– Foundation Design a Construction
– General Masonry Structures Design & Construction
– RCC – Reinforced Cement Concrete & Reinforced Brick work
– Timber Structures
– Design of Simple Steel Structures
– RCC Roofs
– Building Materials Properties
– Arboriculture
– Hydraulics
– Water Supply
– Drainage & Sewage
– Irrigation
– Roads & Highways
– Bridges & Culverts
– Estimating & Quantities
– General Technical Information for Civil Engineering
– Electrical Service
– Civil Engineering Unit Conversion Tables
– Engineering Mechanics
– Interview Basics Questions added
– Engineering Mechanics
– Solid Mechanics
– Geodesy
– Hydraulic Engineering
– Structural Mechanics
– Design of Structures
– Water Resources Engineering
– Foundation Engineering
– Introduction to Finite Elements Methods
– Physical Modelling in Geotechnics
– Traffic Analysis Design
– Advanced Geotechnical Analysis
– Prestressed Concrete Design
– Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
– Advanced Solid Mechanics
– Concrete Technology
– Environmental Geotechnics
– Reinforced Earth
– Numerical Methods
– Numerical Techniques in Hydraulic Engineering
– Eco-hydro Climatology
– Transportation Infrastructure Systems
– Introduction to Earthquake Engineering
– Structural Optimization
– Structural Dynamics
– Structural Stability
– Finite Element Methods
– Plastic Analysis
– Reliability Based Civil Engineering Design
– Nonlinear Analysis
– Soil Structure Interaction
– Rock Mechanics
– Environmental Geomechanics
– Geotechnical Centrifuge Modelling
– Soil Dynamics & Machine Foundations
– Finite Element Methods in Geotechnical Engineering
– Hydraulic Structures
– Physical & Stochastic Hydrology
– River Mechanics & Control Structures
– Water Resources Systems
– Mechanics of Water Waves
– Finite Element Applications to Flow Problems
– Soil Mechanics
– Transportation Engineering
– Introduction to Offshore Engineering
– Design of Offshore Structure
– Concrete Technology
– Plates & Shells
– Advanced Solids Mechanics
– Soil Engineering
– Green Building Design
– Tunnel Engineering
– Ground Water Hydrology
– Advanced Experimental Fluid Mechanics
– Advanced Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
– Risk Assessment & Management in Geotechnical Engineering
– Remote Sensing Technology
– Geotechnical Constitutive Models
– Photogrammetric Engineering
– Data Processing in Remote Sensing
– Testing of Materials
– Mechanics of Fluid Flow

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